All DUI offenders are required to attend an alcohol assessment, sometimes referred to as DUI School.  If you have questions about the requirements for your alcohol assessment, one of our Milwaukee DUI lawyers would be happy to help.

You must contact your approved DUI school within 72 hours of your conviction and complete your assessment within 45 days.  There are no online DUI schools authorized by the court or the DMV.

At your assessment, your assessor will help you to identify your views and habits regarding drug and alcohol use.  He or she will then recommend a Driver Safety Plan, which is a type of rehabilitation facility that specializes in your specific needs.

Following your completion of DUI school, you may become eligible for an occupational license.  If your license was revoked, you will also need to show proof of SR-22 insurance. For more information, contact your nearest branch of the Wisconsin Department of Motor Vehicles or contact our firm to learn more.